GMC – Why Men Cry

Ford launched a newly redesigned F-150 in 2014. It got a lot of media attention for its switch to an aluminum bed and for being lighter and quieter than most trucks on the market. This was great and all, but GMC still makes the best trucks out there – the truck beds are made from rolled steel used in submarines and several innovations allow it to be the quietest full-size truck on the market.

In a nutshell, one is compromising when they buy any truck other than a GMC. We needed to remind people of that.

So we did. We created a tumblr campaign that captured men at their most vulnerable moments – crying – to highlight that compromising on their truck would land them in unhappy situations. So do yourself a favor, just buy a GMC.

Role: Creative & Art Direction
Writer: Ruta Hunnurkar

Josh Wool
Sabrina Hill
Dustin Snipes