Halloween Costume

A long time ago, CVS Pharmacy receipts were short, and to the point. But then coupons and ExtraBucks rewards were added; which made ’em a hit. As the receipts grew longer, so did people’s creativity. They inspired a young fella to become the life of a Halloween party…and the Internet.

My team developed an integrated campaign called #ReceiptYouLater that included both long and short-form social videos, teaser gifs, and we even let Jimmy Kimmel Live in on the action with a fun late night partnership.

Hatch Awards Gold

Role: Creative & Art Direction
Copy: Amy McCarron
Animation: Black Math

After relentless begging, we let Jimmy Kimmel invite us to his show to make the big announcement.

The CVS paper receipt has a long history. Sit back for sixty seconds and let us tell you the story.

Possible entry for the world’s longest Halloween costume.