Citizens Bank Interactive window display

Citizen’s Bank was going green and they wanted to let people know. Instead of using signs in their storefronts we suggested something different, creative and inspiring. A new way to grow flowers. In the windows of two of their branches, in Boston and Philadelphia, we installed interactive displays along with giant vinyl graphics to inspire people to be green by changing grey downtown cityscapes into fun green playful environments. At the center of the installations, our software was displayed on a vertical HD LCD screen, enclosed in a custom fabricated bamboo frame. As users stood in front of the display a camera captured them and the software analyzed the movement in each frame of the video. In real time, the user’s movement was translated in to a wind force. This force and the accompanying physics system animated and brought the environment to life. As the user swayed and moved, the plants moved with them. The interaction became a tango between the user and the plants. We were isolating the upward motion and computing that into plant growth. The more someone moved up the more the plants grew. The application also had two modes: day and night. At night the sky faded to a black gradient and stars twinkled in the background and when the sun rose again the environment transitioned back into a sunny day.

Users of all walks of life loved the interaction and were endlessly surprised that a bank brought a green wistful environment to their downtown lives.

Role: Animator